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Bahlmann's Rabbitry
For Sale

Sales Policy* Added May 5th, 2010
1) I have the right to refuse and/or terminate a sale at any point if I feel it is necessary.
2) I am now asking that I get a %50 non-refundable deposit on the rabbit(s). This is due to people saying they will buy a rabbit but then not showing up or coming to get it.
3) All rabbits are disease free at time of sale.
4) I also promise no disqualifications at the time of sale, unless it is stated otherwise.
5) I do NOT hold any responbilities after the rabbit leaves my hands.
6) Rabbits sold must hold the Prefix "Bahlmann's" on the pedigree.  I will sometimes sell a bred doe, therefore the babies will carry the Prefix "Bahlmann's".
7) Cash and Money orders are preffered. I do accept PayPal, but you have to pay the 3% fee. Checks are on an approval basis.
8) All sales are Final.
10) I sometimes have pet bunnies for sale. They will be eight(8) weeks or older and will not come with a pedigree, and should NOT be used in a breeding program.
Brock Bahlmann

Mini Rex--
Bahlmann's Crash 3 Legs    $150
REW- Genetic Broken Black Otter
Crash is a awesome buck! great body and fur has been used as my current herd buck and has giving me plenty of babies to keep, so I feel as its his time to move on. He carries blue.
Bahlmann's _______  (2) $45
Broken Black Doe
These two does are very similar in type and fur I am keeping one sister and a brother from the litter and wish I had the room to keep these two. They are going to be great does for someone.
Bahlmann's Ginger $50
Castor Brood doe 1 leg
Ginger was my first RIS show doe- she was only shown once. She has giving me many offspring and almost all my castors go back to her. She is 3 years old and still produces outstanding babies.
Bahlmann's ______ $ 40
Broken Blue Otter Buck
(Bahlmann's Crash, 3 legs x Kelly's Cher)
Very Nice type buck, great coat of fur coming in with the deep blue color everyone loves. He is going to be a great show/herd buck for someone. Only reason I'm letting go is because I do not do this color.